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Community Garden


The Building: Past & Future

In 1855, the North Presbyterian Church lovingly built and grew what is now Cincy Greens. After 166 of serving the community, North Church closed her doors only to be reopened by Florence Rothenberg, MD, in 2022.
Dr. Rothenberg is a cardiologist who has been caring for hearts in Cincinnati since 2006. She became frustrated by the fact that many of her patients did not have access to a healthy diet or have the ability to engage in regular exercise. Without these, she knew, achieving better health would be difficult, if not impossible. 

Heart In Balance, LLC, oversees event spaces and utilization of what was the beautiful and historic North Presbyterian Church building, now Cincy Greens, to continue its tradition of bringing the community together.
Social events, lectures on health and civics, community engagement and enrichment, all can take place in the many rooms available. Find out how you can have your event in this beautiful, historic building. 

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